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So my friends that i do homeless out reach with in Nashville hold a city wide Stations of the Cross every Good Friday. we go by foot to different parts of downtown Nashville and reflect on the Messiah’s final moments and how our system has pushed its people to the margins, and mocked and crucified them like Messiah was. 

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this does not ever get old


this does not ever get old

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“Those who pin the blame for ‘celebrity culture’ on some character defect in modern people are missing the point. The real cause of celebrity culture isn’t narcissistic shallowness, it is a deficit of kindness in our political and economic arrangements.”

from a piece entitled I Want to be Famous! (was unable to locate the name of the author)

I know there are all kinds of explanations for the selfie craze, half of them trying to - somewhat desperately - explain how selfless are not about narcissism. Maybe this piece points us into the real direction where all those selfless are coming from: A society where everyone wants to be famous is also one where, for a variety of essentially political reasons, being ordinary has failed to deliver the degree of respect necessary to satisfy natural appetites for dignity.” (another quote from the piece)

—Really interesting thoughts, I think this is a really complicated issue but a really important one to discuss and work through

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Easter: The Good News is Even Better Than You Think


“There’s good news, and there’s bad news” seems to be one of the principles this world runs on. As if Newton’s 3rd law that every action has a equal and opposite reaction applies not just to the physical world, but the emotional world, and the spiritual world as well. 

In that way, Good Friday makes a kind of sense to us. Something unbelievably wonderful happened: our debt was paid and our sins forgiven, but something unspeakably terrible happened as well: an innocent man, the only innocent man, was brutally executed in our place. That trade off definitely would have made sense to first century Jewish people like the disciples, especially at Passover time. It was a sacrifice. The lamb had to die so that the children of God could be free. It was good news to be sure, but it carried an ever present bit of bad news with it.

Easter Sunday was something completely different. This was all good news. The woman who headed to the tomb with burial supplies to honor her dead savior found an empty tomb and savior who was still alive. The disciples who thought they forgiven, but on their own now, found that their shepherd was still there to love them and guide them.

Easter is not just good news, it is all good news. Maybe that it is why it feels just a little different than any other day. In this world, there is no such thing as pure good news. There is always a downside, a hurt party, a problem that doesn’t get resolved. The bad news always gets its shots in. Death always has its say, but not on Easter.

Easter reminds us that whatever your perception of what the good news of Jesus is, the reality is even better. Not only did God himself die for your sins, He rose again to beat death itself. He didn’t just ascend to Heaven to prepare a place for us, He left behind a helper in the form of His Spirit. Not only does God forgive your sins, you are righteous in His sight. Whenever we gain a new understanding or appreciation of the gospel, there is still so much more and so much better there.

The Cross is the reminder of how deeply God loves us and the empty tomb is a reminder that that love has no end.

-Matt from The Bridge

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february seven | the avett brothers

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Gallen-Kallela, Akseli
Evening Landscape from Djurgården
1886 View Larger


Gallen-Kallela, Akseli

Evening Landscape from Djurgården


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